ANPR Camera

ANPR Camera – Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras

These specialist cameras will capture and record number plates, day or night and in all weather conditions. They also provide the option to automatically open gates and barriers.
Smart-search software can quickly find if a vehicle number plate has passed the camera. You can create authorised and unauthorised lists to ensure only permitted vehicles are allowed access.
The software can email you if a vehicle enters your site, that is unauthorised or has been identified as a vehicle linked to crime.


Darkfighter Cameras

Being able to identify vehicles at entrances and exits to a site can provide major benefits to businesses. Previously an ANPR Camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) had been expensive and often gave poor performance, struggling in low light and with non-UK plates.

Hikvision’s Darkfighter cameras and ANPR software solve all that and at a fraction of the previous cost making ANPR available to all businesses. Also a great addition to access control for total site security.

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