CCTV Data Protection

CCTV Data Protection Act 2018 – GDPR

The Data Protection Act introduced in 1998 had huge ramifications for UK business owners. It specifically addressed CCTV from March 1st 2000 when the Information Commissioner issued a Code of Practice for CCTV. It has been updated several times the last being 2017 and came into place in May 2018. Ignoring the Data Protection Act can result in hefty fines for business owners.

cctv data protection
cctv data protection privacy masking

You Are Responsible

CCTV Data Protection – Bizarrely the Act does not apply to the installing company but to you the owner (Data Processor) of the system. As such many security companies pay scant attention to the legal responsibilities of the Data protection Act and many never mention it when providing a quotation.

Keybury ensure that our systems keep you fully compliant from correct signage, documentation, annual assessments to automatic privacy-masking recordings. Overlay privacy-masking (achieved via our smart DVR’s) keeps you legal by ensuring you don’t record images beyond the perimeter of your premises.

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