Keyholder Response

About Keyholder Response

More and more businesses are looking to the option of burglar alarm monitoring that does not result in a police response.

Here are two main reasons companies opt for ‘Keyholder Response’ systems:
1) Less red tape and hoops to jump through. Police response systems operate under very strict rules such as the system having to be reset, by an engineer, after every activation and the requirement for at least two keyholders who must live within 20 minutes travel distance plus the three-strikes-and-you’re-out false alarm rule.
2) Savings – When not working to police or insurance company requirements then the choice of monitoring system is up to you and the various options available vary greatly in price. Also the initial design of the burglar alarm system is much less costly. Police response systems require the use of confirmed signalling (i.e. two completely separate detectors must activate before the police are called). A keyholder only system has no such requirement and therefore usually results in using much fewer detectors.
Who constitutes a keyholder?
Anyone who is willing to be called to an activation and who has your authorisation and keys to the building. This could be staff but often is achieved by using a manned -guarding company to ensure you don’t fall foul of any health and safety implications that may arise from your staff attending on their own during unsociable hours.