BS B418 Police Response

About BS B418 Police Response

If your business requires a police-response to your CCTV then the only way to achieve this is through the installation of a BS8418:2010 detector-activated system.

Prior to 2010 gaining a police response via CCTV was relatively easy to achieve and could be undertaken by just about anybody regardless of their competence.
Due to the unacceptable levels of false-alarms the police brought CCTV police response under the URN scheme (previously just for burglar alarms) and adopted the requirement for BS8418 systems.
Pre 2010 systems (so called ‘Legacy’ systems) can no longer achieve a police response. Businesses that store valuable stock externally are suffering record levels of crime. Many insurers are now insisting on BS8418 systems before underwriting such risks.
Metal theft, for instance, is at an all-time-high so much so that the government has set up a task force to deal with the epidemic.
Old Legacy systems were too unstable and the new standard prescribes very specific guidelines and technical requirements that CCTV must be installed to. Police response CCTV operates like an outside burglar alarm system. In addition to the normal surveillance cameras external movement detectors are placed around the perimeter. The detectors can be turned on and off either electronically or on a timer. When the system is active should n intruder be detected the images from the relevant camera are transmitted to the Remote Viewing Centre’ RVRC. At the RVRC operators can initially warn off would-be intruders issuing a remote challenge via PA speakers placed around the site. Should an intruder ignore the warning then immediate police action can be initiated.
The method of transmission (usually Broadband) must have a secondary back up path (e.g. Cellular GSM) should the Broadband connection fail or be attacked.
Operators can pan, tilt and zoom any fully functional cameras to ensure good recognition and identification is achieved. However if a system uses Megapixel HD cameras then vary often fully functional cameras are not required. HD resolution can cover large areas allowing digital zooming without any noticeable pixilation.
Remotely monitored CCTV provides the earliest possible security response, long before an intruder reaches your building. It is becoming ever more popular with the major insurers.