Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems

These systems allow controlled access either through a single door or can be networked to control multiple doors.

Occupants can screen visitors via a simple audio intercom or, becoming more and more popular, via a video intercom. Video entry panels can also notify smartphones and tablets when the call button is pressed.

Residents can gain access via an integrated proximity card reader or digital keypad.

door entry systems
video door entry system

Our range runs from simple audio intercoms to networked video intercoms and everything in between, we have the solution to fit your budget.

Our Paxton video-entry systems can work standalone or integrated to Paxton’s NET 2 software. The 7” colour touchscreen monitor can be wall or desk mounted.

At Keybury we have been installing door entry systems in Keighley, Bradford, Leeds Harrogate, York and across Yorkshire for 39 Years!

Facial Recognition

Many access control systems require the user to touch a device (e.g. keypads or fingerprint readers) which is not great in the current Covid era. Facial recognition terminals are the ultimate no-touch access control solution.
Card and proximity token systems offer a contactless solution, but cards can be lost or even copied – your face can’t!
The reader stations can also be used as a time and attendance system and even double as a video door-entry intercom.
Discover just how facial recognition can help your business in the new normal. Get a free quote now.

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