Fire Alarm Servicing

Fire Alarm Servicing

A common failing on a fire-risk assessment is the lack of maintenance for the fire alarm. Ongoing fire alarm maintenance is a legal requirement. BS5839 requires a minimum of two six-monthly service visits per year and in more challenging environments (e.g. a hostile, dirty environment like a foundry) then additional service visits may be required. Maintenance (just like design, installation, commissioning and handover) also requires certification –not just an engineer’s signed sheet but rather a BS5359:part1:2017 certificate of maintenance.

fire alarm servicing
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For peace-of-mind it just makes sense to have your system regularly serviced and ensures your fire alarm continues to be reliable as well as enabling any issues to be fixed rapidly. However regular maintenance is also a legal requirement in the UK. 

Keybury offer annual maintenance contracts to keep your  fire alarm working to its optimum at all times and keep you on legal. Existing systems can be taken over and one-off ad-hoc repairs are also available.

Fire Alarm Servicing

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Systems Taken Over 

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One-Off Repairs

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We provide fire alarms for businesses in Keighley, Skipton, Harrogate, York, Bradford, Leeds and across the whole of Yorkshire.

We also provide fire extinguishers and emergency lights, so contact us today and keep your alarm insurance approved and working when you need it.