Fire Alarm Price: How much to install a fire alarm in my business?

Author: Christine Bell February 26, 2024 In Fire
Are you looking for a fire alarm price? Does your business need a fire alarm installing? Are you scouring the internet in the hope of finding a price to install a fire alarm system in your business? We can help. […]

Here’s why a security alarm system is the best investment a business owner can make

Author: Christine Bell February 19, 2024 In Security
Investing in a security alarm system is one of the best decisions a business owner can make to protect their business. An intruder alarm system can provide several benefits, including deterring potential intruders and preventing theft and vandalism. One of […]

Crime data: What does it tell us?

Author: Christine Bell February 12, 2024 In Security
The latest crime data shows a rise in several crime types which you may think is in line with recent social media and news posts. What is particularly interesting is that the data is actually up to September 2023. It […]

Why Gym Owners Should Install An Access Control System

Author: Christine Bell February 5, 2024 In Security
There are several reasons why gym owners should consider installing access control in their gyms. Firstly, access control ensures that only authorised individuals are able to enter the gym, minimizing the risk of theft and vandalism. Secondly, access control systems […]

Shoplifting Record

Author: Christine Bell January 29, 2024 In Security
Shoplifting has hit the headlines following the latest crime report from the office of national statistics (ONS). The latest report adds further evidence to last summer’s reports by retailers. Police recorded incidents of shoplifting topped 400,000 in the year ending […]

Professional CCTV Installers Yorkshire

Author: Christine Bell January 22, 2024 In Security
There are several compelling reasons why it’s better to have a professional CCTV installers fit security cameras for you, rather than attempting to do it yourself. Professional CCTV installation companies like Keybury Fire and Security have the expertise and experience […]

Has Your Insurer Specified A Monitored Alarm?

Author: Christine Bell January 15, 2024 In Security
Has your insurer specified a monitored alarm? You’re not alone. As security industry experts we often design systems to meet insurer’s requirements. Whether it’s a specific grade of monitoring or a certain type of system, we work hard to ensure […]

10 ways to use our home app

Author: Christine Bell January 8, 2024 In Security
10 ways to use our home app… Have you got our home app to protect your home? Here are ten things it can do that you might not believe… 1. Remotely control your home security in the home app The […]

Which Access Control System?

Author: Christine Bell January 2, 2024 In Security
Access control systems are used in many industries as a device to control who is allowed to access certain zones of a building. These systems are designed to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the safety and security of the people […]

My house alarm could do this?!

Author: Christine Bell December 27, 2023 In Security
My house alarm could do this?! You won’t believe what your house alarm could do. Are you getting the most out of your home alarm system? Most people aren’t. When we tell people about the extra functions they could be […]