Business Fire Safety in a Pandemic

Author: Christine Bell January 17, 2022 In Fire
The global pandemic has had far reaching effects. On the surface it is a health crisis, but it has also had a knock on effect on education, travel and businesses. One major area of concern is how the pandemic has […]

Is it worth getting CCTV at home?

Author: Christine Bell January 10, 2022 In Security
Are you considering home security improvements? There are a plethora of security systems and gadgets available. It can be tricky to decide which is best for you. You may be wondering “is it worth getting CCTV at home?” So here […]

Keybury awards

Author: Christine Bell December 31, 2021 In Company
At the end of every year we celebrate the Keybury awards. This has traditionally been a team “breakfast” event with all of us piling into HQ, eating bacon butties, exchanging gifts and celebrating the winners of our annual awards. In […]

Live Guard CCTV

Author: Christine Bell December 16, 2021 In Security
Live Guard CCTV systems turn your CCTV into a proactive system. These systems give you high resolution video recording, real time alerts, audio warnings, two way audio and colour images at night. Our experts have trialled these new systems and, […]

Christmas Opening Hours

Author: Christine Bell December 13, 2021 In Company
Christmas is coming. Festive preparations are underway! We’ve already spotted our bell boxes lit up amongst Christmas lights on lots of homes and businesses. We’ve had a few customers asking about our Christmas opening hours. Our office Christmas opening hours […]

Facial Recognition Technology For Business

Author: Christine Bell December 3, 2021 In Security
Facial recognition is commonplace in today’s society thanks to our phones. Many of use our faces to make payments and unlock apps. It’s also a feature of some CCTV. Some CCTV systems have been developed to recognise whether a person […]

Doorbell Cameras

Author: Christine Bell October 20, 2021 In Security
Doorbell cameras have replaced traditional doorbells on a lot of homes in recent years and it’s easy to see why; they’re useful, practical and provide security. We have asked the experts and home owners their tips to help anyone looking […]

Team Day 2021

Author: Christine Bell October 8, 2021 In Company
Our team day 2021 had a twist; it took place remotely. Our teams have been competing in the Keylympics – and it’s been a blast! We host a team building activity day every year, and have done for almost a […]

We’re recruiting…

Author: Christine Bell October 4, 2021 In Company
Our team is growing – again! We’re recruiting for two very different full time roles. We are celebrating our 40th year in business and continue to grow and provide peace of mind for 19,000 customers across the north of England. […]

Protect What Matters Most: National Home Security Month 2021

Author: Christine Bell October 1, 2021 In Security
National Home Security Month is back for 2021 aiming to help home owners to protect what matters most with high quality home security systems, tips and facts. We’re pleased to be advocating National Home Security Month again this October; Working […]

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