Yorkshire CCTV: A reet bobby dazzler

Author: Christine Bell August 1, 2022 In Security
Yorkshire folk are known for a warm welcome and doing things proper and, at Keybury, CCTV installation is no exception! Anyone in Yorkshire looking for CCTV will find a warm welcome from our Yorkshire based team. We know you’ll want […]

Zip the cow!

Author: Christine Bell July 25, 2022 In Company
Our amazing team joined scores of others to zip the cow this weekend raising money for local Sue Ryder hospices Manorlands and Wheatfields. When we arrived over the brow of the hill to see the scale of the zip there […]

Monitored Alarms: For A Relaxing Summer

Author: Christine Bell July 18, 2022 In Security
Monitored alarms protect homes and businesses throughout the year, but are especially useful during holiday season. Summer is a time when many people travel and leave their homes unoccupied. This can be a great opportunity for burglars, as these houses […]

Security Camera for Home

Author: Christine Bell July 11, 2022 In Security
If you’re looking for a reliable way to beef up your home security, you should consider installing a security camera for your home. Not only are they a great deterrent against burglars, but they can also provide you with invaluable […]

Maintaining Your Fire Alarm: Is It Necessary?

Author: Christine Bell July 4, 2022 In Fire
The importance of maintaining your fire alarm cannot be emphasised enough. A fire alarm that isn’t working cannot warn the occupants of a building of a fire. Regular maintenance gives the responsible person, as well as those using the building, […]

Home Security Measures: Keep it real

Author: Christine Bell June 27, 2022 In Security
Visual security measures are proven to deter would be thieves – but only if you keep it real. There are plenty of fake security options online including “dummy bell boxes” and “fake cameras”. Many people opt for these seemingly cheap […]

The emotional cost of a break in

Author: Christine Bell June 20, 2022 In Security
The cost of a break in is often counted financially, for example to recover stolen items and in terms of repairing any damage. There is another cost; the emotional cost. More than 1 in 3 people report feeling vulnerable after […]

What’s The Biggest Deterrent for Burglars?

Author: Christine Bell June 13, 2022 In Security
People take all sorts of precautions to protect their homes and business from burglars, but which is the most effective? What’s the biggest deterrent for burglars? There are several surveys and reports into this, and they all have a common […]

7 great pet security tips

Author: Christine Bell June 6, 2022 In Security
Dog theft is on the rise as thieves target specific breeds which are in high demand, knowing they can turn a profit. Follow our seven great pet security tips to help to keep your dog safe. 1. Microchipping: It’s no […]

IFSEC 2022

Author: Christine Bell May 30, 2022 In Company
IFSEC is the largest annual security event in the country. It is full of exhibitors bringing the newest fire & security products to the UK market. Each year we visit this event to uncover new products, meet global suppliers and […]