10 ways to use our home app… Have you got our home app to protect your home? Here are ten things it can do that you might not believe…

1. Remotely control your home security in the home app

The most obvious benefit of the home control app is that it puts you in control of your home security system. You can log into the app to arm your system and to disarm it. This means if you’re in bed and remember you need to set the alarm, you can do it from your phone. You could also disarm it for your mum when she’s arrive back with the kids and you’re in the office.

2. Call for help – even when you’re not at home

The personal alarm function of the home app allows you to call for help – even when you’re not at home. Once activated, the system alerts other family members via the app. It even shares your location. Those receiving your alert can acknowledge they’ve got it so you know help is coming. This can be a useful additional function for everyone.

3. Know instantly if there’s an incident

If your alarm goes off when you’re at home you’re going to know about it – as are your neighbours. Thank goodness! You want everyone to be looking out and checking your home looks ok. But what if you’re not at home? That’s where the app comes in handy yet again. Receive real-time notifications of activations to your phone wherever you are. It’ll even tell you which area of your home the activation has happened in.

4. Switch the lights on

Smart plugs can be switched on and off easily via the app – so if your app has brought something to your attention when you’re out in the evening, you can switch a light on to make your home look occupied.

5. Get reminded to set your alarm via the home app

Perimeter alerts can be activated to remind you to set your house alarm when you’re leaving home. Perfect for anyone who struggles to remember to set their house alarm!

6. Be alerted to someone on your driveway

Perimeter security and camera systems can notify you of activity on the driveway, in the garden or on your doorstep. They can be configured to activate over certain areas or to ignore smaller visitors, such as hedgehogs.

7. Use the alarm when plans change

Plans change! That’s life. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen. So the app allows you to configure your security to suit what’s happening. If you’ve got a friend staying on the sofa, or dog sitting for your dad, you can use your app to switch off the detector in the living room, or the kitchen, and still arm the alarm system.

8. Protect your car and your bike… with your home app?

The car defender extends your home security system to your car, van, bike… anything valuable not normally under the protection of your home security system. It’s protected by your home alarm and triggered if anyone attempts to steal your vehicle or your bike.

9. Be assured about vulnerable relatives

Occupancy lets you know when a certain area has been accessed, for example when someone comes into the hallway, which means you can be reassured that about vulnerable relatives living alone.

10. Stay in the loop

The home app not only alerts you to activations but also to activity. Telling you whenever someone sets or unsets your system. Great for anyone who has a dog walker or cleaner coming into the home regularly. It’s also useful if you have older kids coming home from school and forgetting to let you know they got home ok!

So, that’s ten things our home app can do for you. Were you surprised by some of the things the home app can do for you and your family? Would you like to find out more? Of course you would!

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