A new article in the Metro this month shows the most recent report on burglary figures.  Across the UK, only 1 in 10 burglary reports end in a charge or summons.  Although this data may not be a fair representation of all areas, it has led to concern that victims may feel their claim will not be thoroughly investigated.

It is widely known that police resources are under strain, however spokesmen have confirmed that each case is taken seriously and investigated fully.

West Yorkshire Constabulary saw 4,475 charged or summonsed out of 74,350 burglary reports.

With this in mind then perhaps increasing security measures at the home may help to improve charge rates.  Home CCTV can give you additional evidence which may be valuable to police in the event of a burglary. Whereas the deterrent of an intruder alarm and or CCTV system may simply prevent the crime taking place on your property in the first place.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said overall the number of household burglaries is much lower than six years ago with fewer people becoming victim.

“The best way to protect our communities is to work with the public to prevent crime taking place in the first place.”

Why not take advantage of a free survey/security review for your premises and avoid becoming part of the ever-increasing statistics.

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