A study has been carried out regarding safety in the home and how people would deal with various situations.  In a poll of 2000 British citizens, the results show that the majority of British adults would struggle to know what to do if put in these possible scenarios.

The greatest of these revelations is that 3 in 10 British adults have admitted to now knowing to call 999 in an emergency.

Some other figures include:

Most of those asked did not know what to do if a pipe bursts.
Most did not know how to change a light bulb or fuse.
59% of those asked didn’t know what to do if someone was choking.
41% didn’t know their blood type.
68% of people don’t know how to change a tyre.
58% wouldn’t know what to do if their vehicle broke down.

Among this information, it was stated that 55% feel unable to cope with a break in and 45% don’t think they could deal with a home fire.

Ensuring your home is secure and alarmed is the best way to prevent a break in, but if this were to happen, there are many ways in which you could be alerted and receive the help you may need.  Monitoring options are available with our alarm systems which could notify family or friends to an alarm activation at your home, or even notify the police in the case of a confirmed intrusion.

It is important that you have a fire escape plan made for your home or business, however only 23% of the people asked in this survey said they had a fire escape plan in place for their home.

Half of those questioned don’t regularly check their smoke alarm, with 1 in 10 believing that checking twice a year is enough.

41% don’t know who to call in the event of a fire.  Research has shown the majority of fire deaths in London happen when there is a delay in people dialing 999.

Take some time this month to evaluate your safety plans for 2016.  Make sure you know what to do in the event of a fire or break in and that everyone in your house is clear on these instructions.  It is a good idea to keep emergency numbers accessible and first aid supplies in your home.

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