Does your business use an access control system? Access control is especially valuable for safety in the office.

As it implies, these systems manage entry and exit to zones in your workplace. This might include store rooms, server rooms and customer only areas. Access control maintains a secure door while providing entry to permitted individuals. Access control systems allow secure storage of information & documents with only authorised staff members permitted entry through a door. This helps businesses securely store data and comply with GDPR requirements.

The system works well as a standalone tool for the workplace. It can also be integrated with CCTV for video intercom system which can be useful for managing access to a separate visitor area. In addition, many systems offer fire safety tools such as fire roll call. This allows you to check a building has been evacuated by those logged in by their access ID card or fob.  Reporting tools mean systems can double up as timecards and log who has been in each area and for how long. If you were to have an incident in a secure room, you could easily see who had accessed the room during a given time period.

Adapting Entry Systems

Many businesses have adapted the way the public enter their premises during the recent lockdown and many more have needed to keep people distanced. Access control systems have helped to provide solutions to these situations by customising the way a building is used. They keep your employees safe in a secure building, knowing only authorised people can access the premises.

Conventional key code entry systems are commonly found in businesses. Many have also updated their systems to biometric readers using fingerprint technology.  Contactless technology is now the favoured option. Our most popular access control systems of recent months are those which use individual fobs or ID cards. These avoid the need to touch a keypad or a handle.  

Keybury’s security surveyors are experienced and skilled at designing systems to suit your needs. We design, install and maintain access control system to NSI Gold Standard. Each installation begins with a free appointment with our surveyor who will discuss your individual requirements and design a system to fit your requirements.

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