For added peace of mind and security, our customers can also include monitoring to their alarm and CCTV systems. This option ranges in security level depending on the type of premises you have or what is required by your insurance company.

A popular monitoring option for homes is the digkey. This informs a list of your designated contacts to be alerted if your alarm is set off. This could be alerting your mobile phone if you are away, or a friend or family member nearby. This option is available from £99 +VAT – you can find more information here.

If your business requires a higher level of security, there are also monitoring options available which will alert the police if you have a break in. This may be asked for by some insurers if your business holds a large amount of stock for example.

As well as notifying you if your intruder alarm has been set off, there are also monitoring options available that alert the monitoring station if your CCTV cameras detect a suspicious presence, or if your smoke alarm or fire alarms are activated.

Advanced warning can also be useful on our monitored systems, with some businesses in common flooding areas opting to be notified if water levels at their property get too high. Flood detectors are set at a level of your choosing, and if water reaches these you are alerted, giving you time to save any items in your property from being damaged by water.

For more information about adding monitoring to your home or business, call us today to book an appointment with one of our surveyors.