All IP phone service will replace old analogue phone lines, leaving thousands of monitored alarms disconnected. Without action, the current roll out of the all IP phone service could compromise the security of your home or business.

Is your intruder alarm a monitored system? If it is, then you need to read on. It’s likely you system will use a phone line to send at least some of it’s signals to the monitoring station. BT Openreach are currently rolling out an analogue ‘switch off’ across the country. This four year project will see all old style analogue phone lines replaced with a digital “all IP” phone service. IP stands for Internet Protocol. The “All IP” phone service will not use old copper phone lines, most of which were laid decades ago. Instead it will be replaced by fibre.

If your intruder alarm currently uses a monitoring product which relies on an analogue phone line, it will be affected by this change. Once the old analogue phone line is switched off, your monitoring will no longer work. However they are not the only monitoring products available. As analogue phone lines become a thing of the past, people are looking to new technology to protect their homes.

Innovation for the all IP phone service

Innovation is one of our core Keybury values. We’re well known as a leader in fire & security. This means our customers can be confident that they will have a range of good quality innovative options available to replace their old monitoring.

Our team have the knowledge, skills and experience to offer our customers alternative monitoring products to suit your needs. We are working with professionals across the security and communications industry to ensure our customers have the best monitoring options available under the new phone service. Members of our technical research team have sourced and trialled alternatives suitable for the many different monitoring types used by our customers, whether single or dual path.

We have been in the security business for four decades, so it’s no surprise that we can offer our customers a range of alternative monitoring options. We have been in touch with our customers throughout the project, providing dedicated resources and peace of mind for all.

You can visit our FAQs blog to discover more about the switch over. If you are concerned that your intruder alarm monitoring could be affected by the change to all IP phone service, please contact our team directly on 01535 661197.