ANPR cameras are a powerful tool for business. These cameras are specifically designed to read and recognise number plates. The commonly used acronym ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

This type of camera is seen in many places including for parking in public carparks. They are also commonly used by police forces. However ANPR cameras can also be very useful for businesses. The technology offers a range of uses for business.

ANPR Cameras for Business

Businesses often choose ANPR Cameras to monitor and control the entry to their property. This type of system is useful and effective in restricting access to a yard, a compound or car park. If your business has staff working on site and parking in a restricted staff carpark, ANPR cameras can automate their entry and exit to the car park. It is similarly powerful for businesses who deal with deliveries and collections, haulage, storage and distribution centres.

In all of these situations, the cameras are coupled with a gate or a barrier of some description. This can vary depending on the site and location. ANPR CCTV works together with this barrier to control the entry and exit to the area. Together, they allow access to permitted vehicles.

Streamlining vehicle access

ANPR cameras streamline vehicle access for businesses. They allow entry without the need for remote fobs or codes, which can be lost or forgotten. Instead with these cameras, any vehicles with permission can access the area automatically and without contact. Vehicles are recorded in a database which links to the system and can be easily updated to add or remove vehicles.

Preventing crime with ANPR Cameras

Businesses can also use ANPR Cameras in another way. The system can be use to look for a specific vehicle to trigger an alarm. This might alert you to the arrival of something or someone and make deliveries and collections more efficient. Alternatively it can help to alert businesses to criminal activity in the area. For example, a vehicle seen acting suspiciously near your business could then be added to the database to trigger an alarm. That way if they return out of hours you can be made aware and potentially avert criminal activity.

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