October is National Home Security Month (NHSM). Each year, Keybury supports this nationwide campaign to raise the profile of home security, we focus on spreading the message locally in Yorkshire & Lancashire. Read our Autumn Security Tips to protect your home this season.

It’s no coincidence that National Home Security Month is held in October as the evenings draw in, the kids are back to school, the clocks go back and crime rates rise. Did you know that burglaries spike by up to 1/3 during the autumn and winter months? As 1 in 4 people take no security precautions, this figure could be much lower if we all take a few simple steps to improve our home security. 

Autumn Security Tips

Taking simple security measures can have a huge impact on the security of your home. Here are Keybury’s top autumn security tips:

Nights & Lights

As nights draw in, it’s a good idea to use lighting to illuminate your home. Leave a light on and draw the curtains if you’re going out in the evening. Timers and smart switches can be used to light up your home when you’re out.

CCTV is often recommended as one of the best tools to deter criminals. If you’re considering installing CCTV, be sure to get quality cameras which offer excellent pictures in the dark. After all, during the winter it can be dark for 2/3 of the day.

Set your house alarm

Remember to you use your house alarm system and set it at night time.  ONS figures show that 64% of burglaries occur while someone is on the premises. Monitored panic alarm buttons can be linked to your alarm system and used to call for help should you find yourself in the frightening situation of having an intruder in your home. Read our blog about the importance of setting your house alarm.

Visual signs of your security measures work to deter burglars. Clear signage, cameras and an up to date alarm bell box are all external clues that you take your home security seriously. 71% of ex-convicts said they were put off by a home having a visual alarm bell on display. Light up alarm bell boxes highlight your security in the dark winter months.

Door Security

Always lock your doors and windows to avoid opportunist sneak in thieves.  According to studies, more than a quarter of us don’t lock our doors, and almost half leave windows unlocked. The West Yorkshire Police’s Easy Street Campaign recommends checking you’re your doors and windows meet minimum security standards of PAS 24. The national home security month website offers advice, including details on anti-snap locks and standards in the security industry. 

Doorbell cameras add to the security of your door, alerting you to doorstep activity, including potential burglars, so you can take appropriate action.

Your garden can impact your security

Your garden can help to keep your home more secure. What you plant where can make a difference, for example planting hardy shrubs along garden walls and fences makes it harder for criminals to access your garden. Find out about how to secure your garden about buildings here.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Make sure packaging for expensive items is not left on display as this can tempt opportunist burglars! 

It’s recommended that anyone seeking to install a security system or device use a reputable installer who complies with industry standards.

FInd out more about national home security month at www.homesecuritymonth.co.uk

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