CCTV – What Not To Do

Avoid these 7 CCTV Mistakes that everyone’s making


If you research the best sort of security, CCTV is always near the top of the list. Cameras are available for under £100, or you can spend £1000s. You can buy them online or in DIY shops. You can get your odd-jobs guy to wire them up or you can choose the company who’s social media pages show all the CCTV images of work they’ve done… but read our tips to discover why you shouldn’t. There are many types of cameras available so it’s not surprising that many people are making these 7 CCTV Mistakes.


CCTV mistsakes buy online1. Don’t buy the cheapest one in store

One of the main CCTV mistakes that homeowners make it to go for the cheap option. According to the French Proverb; “You buy cheaply, you pay dearly”. Whilst it’s not necessary to pay over the odds, it is worth researching to ensure you are getting value for money. The cheapest option isn’t always the best and you should always check what’s included in the price.

CCTV mistakes image quality2. Don’t get a blurry picture

Consider the specification of the camera. Don’t make the CCTV mistake of getting the wrong quality. Too high and you’ll overpay, too low and the image will be poor. Will it show a clear enough image? The lighting in the area should also be taken into account, as this can also affect the quality of the image.

2017-crime-stats-improve-home-security-keybury3. Don’t use dodgy storage

Some CCTV only shows live views. If you want your CCTV to record and store data, you’ll need to consider where this is being stored.

DIY4. Don’t get tangled up

Are you handy with a drill? Confident to place your camera in the right place, wire it neatly and put the recorder in an inconspicuous place? Or would you rather have it installed by a trained experienced professional installer?


5. Don’t break the law

GDPR isn’t just about reducing your junk mail. When it comes to CCTV there are some things you’re not allowed to do. If you’re confident in this area, you can set your camera views to make sure you’re not breaking the law. If you’re unsure, it’s better to get a system designed and installed by someone who can assure you comply with GDPR.

CCTV apps for Android move PTZ cameras

6. Don’t publicise your weak spots

If you look on FacebookInstagram or Twitter you’ll find a plethora of companies and electricians who put cameras up and then share the CCTV views across their social media. This demonstrates their excellent images and might make you think “wow I want CCTV images as good as that!” However if you can see these images, so can criminals. A local criminal may recognise the area and it’s very easy to track back through profiles to find the location. These images show what is covered by cameras… and what isn’t. Don’t let an installer compromise your security for their next sale.

After care customer service

7. Don’t get left without after-sales-care

A cheap camera ordered online or picked up in your local supermarket might seem like a cost effective option. Using a reputable firm which offers ongoing after sales care gives you peace of mind. If your camera stops working who will you go to for help? Maybe you have a technical question, or need some assistance downloading footage for the police. Having a local firm who can help you at short notice is ideal. Some CCTV installers offer 24 hour technical assistance for their customers.

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