Break ins reported recently

August has arrived with a flurry of headlines and social media posts about Burglaries, thefts and break ins in Keighley. The latest figures from say that there were 161 incidents of burglary, theft and vehicle crime during the month of June 2021. This is 20% higher than the average for the last 12 months.

BURGLARS escaped with £2,000 in cash and several items of property from a Keighley home. The break-in occurred at Fair Isle Court sometime between July 22 and 29.

Keighley News 2nd August

Guide To Avoid Break Ins

Are you worried about being broken into? We’ve always been about peace of mind, so let us ease your worries with our guide to avoiding break ins:

8 Simple steps to avoid break ins:

  1. Use timers or smart home switches to activate lighting when you’re away from home. Outdoor lighting is also often recommended.
  2. Use security cameras to deter criminals and receive alerts to activity on your property. Audio and night vision elevate your security cameras’ functionality.
  3. Small actions like cancelling your milk delivery and asking a neighbour to put your bin out avoid your home looking empty.
  4. Always secure your doors and windows. Make sure your locks are up to the industry standard. It sounds simple but not everyone does it!
  5. Avoid leaving easy to take and high value items on display. Keep keys and bags out of sight. Carefully dispose of packaging for new high value items.
  6. Set your house alarm whenever you go out – even if it’s for a short time. And set it at night time too!
  7. Smart alarms & CCTV mean you can monitor and control your home security wherever you are
  8. Join your local neighbourhood watch scheme – or start one in your area! There’s lots of info online.

For more advice, visit the neighbourhood watch website or

Free, no obligation home security quotations: