back to school

Back to school – time to lockdown?

This week the schools reopen and children across the country head back to school. It’s the closest thing to normality many people have seen in 6 months. The return to school always means a shift in routines but this September will bring in bigger changes than usual. These changes in routines could affect your home security. Our social media feeds are flooded with emotional “first day” posts and the dreaded school run recommences. Unfortunately burglars are very well aware of the school run timings too. Opportunistic burglars will choose times when they know a house is likely to be empty, say the police. Many schools are offering staggered start and entry times so parents might even be out for slightly longer than usual. Many parents have been working from home and juggling home schooling – or home school holidays – with their own work commitments. It’s been tricky! So as children go back to their desks many parents are also returning to their own desks. Houses which have been completely occupied almost continuously since March will now be left empty for longer periods of time. Visible security such as an up to date alarm box and CCTV help to deter burglars. Always remember to lock up properly and set the house alarm. School mornings are notoriously hectic and in between remembering everyone’s water bottle, school diary, homework, coats, PE bags (the list goes on!) it’s easy to rush out of the door leaving it unlocked or to forget to close a window. Always stop and do another check as you leave to make sure doors and windows are locked. Your smart alarm can even send you a notification to confirm that it’s been set. It’s a reassuring buzz on your smart watch as you set off.   back to school time Book a free home security survey!