Rise and shine it’s time to get glowing! It’s time to give your burglar alarm a facelift with a bell box upgrade.

Your intruder alarm is your best line of defence against burglars. It will go off if anyone attempts to break into your house when you’re out or in bed. This alerts you and your neighbours to an intruder and, most often, scares away the burglar. A monitored system will even alert those further afield to an activation. Our app controlled systems give real-time notifications whenever the system activates, and police or keyholder monitored systems alert our monitoring station to call for back up.

You can be confident that your regularly maintained alarm system will work well. But how does a burglar know that you have a well maintained – or even monitored – system protecting your home? They look for clues. The most obvious of which is your burglar alarm bell box. It’s the cover photo for your security system and a huge giveaway to criminals. It’s well documented that criminals will opt for the easiest target. A quick scan of your street will tell you who has no alarm, who’s alarm is probably redundant and who looks to take their security seriously.

light up bell box

We’re full of bright ideas to keep your property secure. Our backlit bell boxes really do highlight your security, and the good news is you can get one too! You don’t need to upgrade your entire system, just update your bell box!

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