Our Bank Holiday Tips for Businesses provide business owners with five simple steps to ensuring your business premises is secure over the long weekend. Bank holidays carry a threat for businesses as everyone enjoys a long weekend and business premises are left empty. Criminals are often working overtime, with incidents of anti social behaviour, break ins and arson all rearing their heads. May is here and that means more bank holiday Mondays than regular Mondays. So here’s the best bank holiday tips to protect your business…

5 Bank Holiday Tips for Businesses

Here’s five things every business owner needs to consider on bank holiday weekends.


Test your fire alarm ahead of the weekend. If a fire were to start accidentally – or deliberately – a fire alarm would raise the alarm. A monitored fire alarm would even call the fire brigade. If you would normally carry out your fire alarm test on a Monday make sure it’s done on Tuesday! Test it Tuesday reminders will be on our socials as usual.


Update your Keyholder details. Make sure your keyholders are aware that they need to be on call for the bank holiday Monday and check that all contact details are up to date with your intruder alarm monitoring company. This way the right people are contacted in the event of an incident on site.


Use CCTV. If your business doesn’t have CCTV yet then book a free survey to find out about all the ways CCTV can help to improve your business. There is a huge range of systems available for businesses. This includes ANPR cameras, monitored CCTV systems and facial recognition systems. Make sure your cameras are recording the correct time before you head off for the weekend. If you need technical support our team provide this as part of Keybury cover, so just give us a call.


Check the bins. Make sure your bins are securely stored away from the building to reduce your fire risk, and so they can’t be used to give anyone a leg up into the building. If your bins are normally emptied on a Monday check they won’t be left. Piles of rubbish around a building make it look untidy and uncared for and actually more likely to be a target for criminals.


Secure the Building. It’s crucial to secure the businesses property when you leave for the weekend. It’s useful to have one person responsible for locking up the premises every day. This is especially important when the property will be left for longer than usual.

It goes without saying; Lock all doors and windows, lock roller shutters and gates and set the intruder alarm.

Intruder alarms come with handy systems such as geofencing and automation. Geofencing reminds you to set the alarm if you leave the premises without doing so. Alternatively the system can be automated to set at certain times. If you have this in place, check the settings. Be sure the alarm will remain set throughout Bank holiday Monday.

Protect Your Business beyond Bank Holidays

Keybury Fire and Security have been protecting fellow local businesses for more than four decades. Our skilled professional team design, install and maintain fire and security systems to the highest industry standards. Get in touch for a free survey appointment today, or book online.