Bank Holidays are traditionally rainy… and a good chance to get away before the kids go back to school. But this means that lots of homes and businesses are left empty over a longer weekend and could be vulnerable to criminal activity including break ins, criminal damage and arson.

During the queens platinum jubilee bank holiday, security experts warned that burglaries could increase by 20% whilst everyone was out enjoying street parties.

when criminals know there is an opportunity for people to be leaving their houses, that’s when they will strike

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Criminals most certainly don’t take time off when there are opportunities available to them. This is especially in the current “cost of living crisis“. If you’ve got plans to go away for the bank holidays, it’s advisable to take extra steps to ensure your home is secure.

Beyond locking the door

Take extra care to lock up your house completely. This includes garages, sheds, windows and gates. Many of our customers extend their security system to cover out buildings as they often hold high value items. Cars, bikes and garden tools can be tempting to criminals. Lots of us have converted garden sheds into garden bars and these can also draw attention from thieves. They often house TVs, gaming systems and large quantities of alcohol. CCTV systems can provide coverage for out door areas and individual or linked up security alarm systems can protect each of your outbuildings.

Neighbours in the know

Whilst you’re away, it’s useful to have someone keeping an eye on things. You might ask a trusted friend, family member or neighbour to keep a key in case of emergencies. If you have a monitored security system, they could be set as the emergency contact for any system activations during your holidays. Have a chat with the neighbours and let them know you’ll be away. Neighbours are really important in keeping your home safe and secure. They might report any suspicious activity for you.

Social slip ups

Social media can expose your empty home. Many people don’t realise exactly how much they’re giving away when they post holiday pictures. We explored holidays, social media posts and crime in this blog, where you will find tips on keeping your socials and your home safe.

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