Beat the Burglar

We’ve put together 5 ways to beat the burglar as we approach peak crime time. Burglaries spike by more than a third when the clocks go back in October. Here’s how to avoid being a part of that statistic: Group promo shot

1 Beat the burglar with your neighbours

Are you a member of your local neighbourhood watch scheme? It could be worth joining your local group or starting one in your area. If you live in an area with an active neighbourhood watch scheme you can expect 11% fewer crimes according to moneysupermarket. Find your nearest scheme or sign your street up at


beat the burglar2 Catch ’em on camera

Would be intruders are deterred from homes with CCTV systems in place. You can identify and bring to account anyone who does commit a crime on your property with high quality images. Proactive systems can even give you a notification when someone is somewhere that they shouldn’t be. Be warned; don’t compromise your security by sharing stills of your camera views online.          

BS8418 police response3 Get connected

Monitored security systems can be connected to key holders or the police via a monitoring centre but only approved installers like Keybury can provide a police response. Informed intruders know which systems are best to avoid.     autumn at night

4 No place to hide

Outdoor security lighting is a well known deterrent, but did you know that keeping your garden tidy also helps? Overgrown hedges give burglars places to hide. An open area with less cover makes your property less of a target because criminals can be more easily seen.         beat the burglar with smart security

5 Outsmart the burglar

Smart home security systems are helping home owners to beat the burglar. 89% of ex-burglars say a connected home would deter thieves – according to research by the Coop. Both intruder alarms and CCTV systems are available with smart control apps. Home owners can even receive a notification if their intruder alarm is triggered.         We continue to support National Home Security Month’s campaign and raise the profile of home security. Follow us on our social pages for more tips. beat the burglar