Last week we posted a poll on our Facebook and Twitter page, asking for your opinion on what was the best burglar deterrents.

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As you can see, with 38%, the majority of you think burglar alarms are the best form of burglar deterrent.  Burglar alarms are a very reliable form of security for your home and can be tailored to fit around your home and family – pets included!  A burglar alarm can show a burglar that you are security conscious and less likely to have left valuables easily accessible.  A sounding alarm can also startle a burglar and cause them to flee before being able to take any of your belongings.  Alarms don’t have to be expensive either, there are many affordable options that will still give you peace of mind.

Dogs came a close second in our poll (33%).  Although it’s easy to think that they may be the best burglar deterrent, your family pet should not be left as your primary security system – no matter their size or breed.  For one thing, I’m sure your dog will go out with you from time to time, leaving your home without its guard.   Many people see dogs as an alternative to alarms because they think they are less expensive, but when you think about the long term life of a dog – vets bills, food, insurance – an alarm is likely to cost you less!  Dogs have been known to deter opportunist burglars as barking draws attention to their presence and there is the chance they could attack, but experienced burglars do not let such an obstacle stand in their way. A burglar will find it easier to move a dog out of the way than silence an alarm.  We have a more in depth look at pets as home security on our previous blog.

Exterior lights came third with 17% of the vote.  Exterior lights leave little areas for burglars to hide at night and this is a great deterrent as burglars do not want to be seen by your neighbours.  Lights that are high up and difficult to re-position are likely to put off many opportunist burglars.

CCTV Cameras came in 4th with 13% of the vote.  CCTV cameras in domestic properties are much more common these days.  Burglars don’t want to get caught in the act, and a CCTV camera will leave you with solid evidence in the event of a break in.  Cameras have become more affordable in recent years and can also be quite discreet.

Window locks came bottom of our poll with no one thinking they were the best deterrent.  This is understandable given the other options, but window locks do have their advantages!  Many opportunist burglars will try their luck at a house with an open window or door, or those which look less secure.  Window locks add more difficulty to entry and are likely to put off those burglars just walking by and looking for an easy target.  Keeping doors and windows locked when you are out, and even when you are busy in another part of the house, are important factors in avoiding burglaries.

It was very interesting to see your views, thank you for taking part!

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