Clever criminals know what to expect from an alarm just by looking at it. Most people might think one bell box is much the same as the next but those in the business are specifically adept at spotting real alarms amongst the pretenders. An response generating alarm system is easily identified from an alarm without any hope of a response.

The Good, The Bad and The DIY

There are three groups in the business. There are good guys installing quality systems designed to protect properties and bring peace of mind and there are the bad guys trying to break into properties. The third group are those selling systems online or throwing up simple ineffective systems for a quick buck.   backlit

Peace of mind

Keybury are proud to be in the first group. Our raison d’etre is our customers’ peace of mind. We make sure our customers have got the best alarm with the best choice of response available. Keybury customers can choose which level of response they want from their alarm. Some people choose a “bells only” system while others want more reassurance. An alarm activation can trigger notifications on an app monitored alarm, calls to keyholders or to the police. Our surveyors listen to each customer and design the system to suit their needs, offering the best response for each customer. We then install, explain and maintain systems to the highest standard. Our alarms protect properties with pets. They provide security in rooms such as conservatories and garages. Keybury’s wireless alarms are professionally installed without mess or fuss. DIY alarms will often trigger false alarms in these rooms as the equipment is not up to standard. Every building that we secure is different so every system that we install is unique. Keybury’s high quality light up alarm bell boxes highlight our customer’s buildings as secure and warn off potential intruders.

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Spot the difference

The bad guys in the business are the burglars. An experienced criminal can spot a dummy from a decent alarm. An intruder looking at a backlit Keybury alarm knows there’s a very good chance that the alarm comes with back up. If you set off a Keybury security system then it’s likely that someone will be receiving a notification or a phone call. Setting off a Keybury Alarm runs the risk of the Police turning up. Burglars also know that an off-the-shelf do-it-yourself alarm system doesn’t have any response. Only accredited installers can offer police response so a DIY job isn’t going to offer this type of back up.

burglar alarm servicing takeover maintenance keighley skipton ilkley harrogate york leeds bradford1 The fall back DIY systems are supposed to be a cheap and cheerful solution but they often stop short of the cheerful aspect. Keybury are often called out by homeowners who’ve tried a system bought online, but it’s failed and the customer has realised that they need the real deal. We’ve seen sensors stuck up by sticky tape that fall off easily and set off the alarm. We’ve heard from customers who’ve actually lost sleep worrying that their self-installed system will go off at any moment.  Quality alarm systems come with reassuring features such as the tamper, which sounds the alarm if anyone meddles with the bell box.

best reponse alarmWhich Response?

We are NSI Gold Accredited. This gives home owners and business owners confidence that the system is installed and maintained to the highest standards in the industry. Only approved systems can provide police monitoring.  Some insurance policies require a police response or a customer may choose this simply for peace of mind.  An alarm system with key holder response contacts either a keyholding service, employees or other trusted keyholders for the property. This means the alarm requires a response from key holders in the event of an alarm activation.  App monitoring sends a real time alert to a customer’s phone or tablet should their alarm go off.  This can be useful for anyone with elderly relatives or living on their own, as it can send an alert if a family member.   You can can add monitoring to your existing alarm to get a response for your security system or you could have a whole new alarm designed and installed with the best response alarm for your requirements. Get in touch for a free quote for a high quality Keybury alarm system.