Earlier this month, West Yorkshire Police released the latest crime figures for the past year. They are pleased to announce that overall crime across West Yorkshire has fallen by 2%.

Unfortunately, with a closer look at the figures, Bradford burglary rates appear to have risen in the area, with statistics suggesting that a home in the Bradford district is burgled every 3 hours.

bradford-burglary-rates-crime-statistics-KeyburyTaking into account that not all of these crimes are reported, the figures provided show there were around 3000 burglaries in the Bradford district in the last year. This averages 8.2 burglaries a day.

The warmer weather over this summer has also been blamed for a spike in burglaries, with 33 householders falling victim to burglars on 30th June alone. More than a third of these burglaries were due to doors and windows being left open. It is important to stay vigilant in securing doors and windows, particularly in warmer weather when it is easy to leave these wide open for ventilation. Always be aware of leaving yourself vulnerable to burglars, even when you are at home.
Opportunist burglars may enter your home even if you are there, for instance if there is an open door or window showing off valuables you have inside. Often car keys are left in full view of doors or windows and are an easy target for passing burglars. If you have an intruder alarm in your home, remember you can enable a chime which will notify you if the door is opened. This could be very useful to keep you aware of people entering or leaving your home if you do not lock the door while you are inside. A chime on the door is also likely to deter a burglar as they know their presence has been alerted.

The UK Crime stats website shows there were almost 6000 reported crimes in the Bradford area in May 2015, with burglary being in the top 5 crime categories of that month. You can find out the crimes stats for your area by searching your postcode here: http://www.ukcrimestats.com/

Remember to keep your home secure and your valuables out of plain site, when you are both at home and away. If you would like to discuss security measures for your home, please give us a call at the office on 01535 66 11 97 or fill in an inquiry form on our website.