As government austerity cuts bite, the recent news reports claim a significantly low number of burglary cases are being solved. But are you doing everything you can to prevent burglaries in the first place?

Burglaries are a difficult crime to solve, with statistics showing 80% of break in cases are closed without identifying suspects and unfortunately some cases are never solved.
Decisions on individual investigations vary based on the evidence available, bur cases can be reopened at any time should further evidence come to light.

However, all that being said, burglaries in the UK have fallen by two thirds since 1995 – being more security conscious as a nation is helping this number continue to decrease.

With UK security forces being tasked to spend less and less it is advisable to ensure you are doing all you can to prevent burglaries at your home and protect your possessions.

Research has shown us how to prevent burglaries and that taking basic burglar prevention measures works.

– A surprising number of burglaries occur without forced entry, simply through open doors and windows. Keep doors and windows locked, particularly when you are not in the room. Burglar alarms can be set to chime when doors are opened (even when the system is no turned on).
– Do not advertise your absence, including on social media, and keep valuables out of view from windows and doors. It is also advisable to keep any vehicle or house keys out of sight.
– It has been found that a significant number of burglars avoid homes with a security alarm fitted, and admit to fleeing if an alarm sounds.
– Security cameras and lighting around your property are also good ideas.
– Keep your burglar alarm regularly serviced and always set the system when you are out or in bed.

The average loss of possessions in a burglary far exceeds the cost of a home alarm, so making the investment is definitely worth it. Insurance companies often offer discounts for homes with NACOSS Gold approved alarm systems.

For more information on alarm systems and CCTV cameras for your home or business, give us a call today and book a visit from one of our surveyors.