Are Burglars flouting “stay at home” rules?

Home owners are being warned to lockdown their home security as burglars flout “stay at home” rules. Burglars don’t stick to basic rules like “don’t take other people’s belongings” and “treat people with respect”. So it comes as no surprise to hear that they’re not keeping to the lockdown restrictions.

The national lockdown we are all currently living with is designed to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, other people’s safety isn’t a concern for selfish criminals. They’re thwarting the restrictions and continuing with business as usual – at everyone else’s expense. And it really is expensive; According to this report, cost of a break in is almost £3,500.

Whilst so many struggle with home schooling, job uncertainty, isolation, illness and loss, the threat of crime is one extra worry we could all do without. But rule breaking burglars are not staying at home. Unfortunately we’ve had an influx of worrying stories about criminal activity. Often people call us to install a system to prevent burglary. More recently our calls have been following thefts, criminal damage and attempted break ins.

Protect your bubble

You can keep your bubble protected; Use your home security system to help you to stay safe. Set your house alarm whenever you’re out and when you’re in bed. Make sure you’ve got CCTV – this is one of the most frequently suggested security improvements you can make. Everyone from insurers, ex criminals & police recommend it. If you are shielding, CCTV can help with daily tasks like receiving parcels as well as keeping you safe. You might even consider a home Panic Alarm. They are especially useful for anyone wanting to feel safer whilst working from home on their own.

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