Business burglary is damaging and costly to business owners. What can you do about it? Well, you needn’t feel entirely helpless. Business owners can implement a whole range of processes, systems and procedures to ensure their business premises is protected and secure.

18 things busy business owners can do to protect their business from burglary

Some of the things on this list require time and investment, others are quick and easy wins. The more you do, the more protected your business premises will be.

Complete a security audit

First thing’s first: How secure is your business? Start by carrying out an audit of your premises to identify areas of weakness, and consider what systems and improvements are required to protect your business.

Staff training for security

Your team can be a really helpful team in helping to keep your business safe and secure. It’s a good idea to include security procedures in induction training and provide regular refreshers for all staff. Ask your staff to be alert to suspicious activity and provide them with a safe way to report concerns. Make sure your staff are trained in the correct use of your security systems to avoid false alarms and keep your business is secure.

Locking up procedures to avoid business burglars

Often, business require different people to have access at different times of the day. This might mean one person is responsible for locking up at the close of business, or several people. Business premises could be vulnerable to burglary where locking up procedures are not made clear. Smart burglar alarm systems can be programmed to arm at set times or geofencing can ensure those leaving an empty building are prompted to leave the alarm armed, and the building secure. Having a written policy for securing the premises will help to protect your premises from burglary.

Locks, keys and codes

It’s a sensible idea to only give keys to certain members of staff, this limits the confusion around who has or hasn’t locked up the premises and sets the responsibility with a few key members of staff (pardon the pun!). Ensure the locks on your building’s doors and windows are up to industry standard.

Prevent Access to Business Burglars

Access control systems can control the access to different parts of a building. They can use finger print technology, fobs or codes. These ensure that high risk areas can be kept extra secure. For any businesses using access control systems in their building, it’s important to keep up to date with staff changes and change codes or remove programmed fobs when a staff member leaves the company.

A Load of Old Rubbish?

This might sound like a random one but honestly it’s a real tip! Make sure you keep the outside of your business premises tidy and clear of rubbish. Not only does rubbish provide a fire risk, it also gives clues about the security of your business; If you’re too busy to tidy away rubbish you might be too busy to lock up properly too. Make sure all rubbish is cleared away into the bin and store bins aware from the main building if you can – for two very good reasons; Firstly to avoid the risk of a bin fire spreading to your business. Secondly a bin beside your building could provide a handy step up for a burglar to access a window in your business.

Business Watch

As well as Neighbourhood watch for domestic premises, there are a range of other community watch schemes. Some are tailored to specific areas such as “Rural Watch” schemes, whereas others are for certain industries like “Pub watch”.

Monitored Alarms for Business

Intruder alarms are an excellent deterrent, so make sure you’ve got a bell box on the outside to of your business to warn burglars away. Insurance companies usually require businesses to install monitored intruder alarms from a SSAIB or NSI approved security installer. Intruder alarms can be police monitored, keyholder monitored or app monitored. Keybury have over 40 years’ experience in the security business so we’re well used to designing and installing monitored systems which meet business insurers’ briefs;

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Ram Raider Bollards To Block Burglars

Ram raider bollards provide a physical block between your building and vehicles. Check if you need planning permission to install them.

Gates & Barriers

Access control on gates or barriers take this idea to the next level by limiting vehicular access to your property. Anyone looking to load a van up with stock from your business and make a quick getaway would have their plan foiled if they can’t get the van near the building.

Shine a light on them!

Outdoor lighting ensures burglars can’t sneak around in the dark and attracts attention to anyone hanging around your premises.

Gardening for business burglars?

Similarly, ensure trees and bushes aren’t providing cover for burglars to access your business. Prune shrubbery that may obscure cameras or provide a hidden route to the doorway.

Engage with local crime prevention officer

Make contact with your local crime prevention officer or PCSOs. They will be able to provide you with information and advice to help further improve the security of your business.

CCTV with facial recognition

There are a range of CCTV systems available on the market. Invest in monitored CCTV with facial recognition for complete peace of mind. Alternatively a high quality CCTV system which allows you to view remotely and gives alerts whenever someone trespasses on your premises could be enough to protect your business from burglary.

Remove Temptation from Burglars

Remove high ticket items from window displays, and be careful not to leave large amounts of stock on display. If you have a shop counter, you might even leave the till open to show that it is empty.

Social Savvy Business V Social Savvy Burglars

Most businesses have an online presence and utilise at least one form of social media to reach potential clients. One easily slip up is to have a huge amount of stock on display in the back of a photo or effectively give an all access tour with a video which provides a building map for more sophisticated business burglars scouting out targets. Take care to check your social media isn’t giving away more that you intended.

Shutters shut business burglars out

External shutters are a popular and effective physical form of securing your business. You can even link them into your security system for extra robust security.

Use Industry Rated Security To Protect Your Property

Whatever forms of security you implement, make sure they’re top rated and industry standard. Whether is locks, windows or security systems. Cutting corners could be costly.

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