CCTV App - Ready For The Next Step?

We've boldly gone!

Only a few years back a CCTV app would be something from Tomorrow’s World … but tomorrow is already here. Technology rattles on at a pace and the ‘App Society’ has everything from Snapchat to central heating controls … and now ‘The CCTV App’. It gives you security control in the palm of your hand.

Who Else Wants Security For The Chosen Few?

Until recently homes with security cameras were restricted to the wealthy but today they’re within the budget of the average family. Our Smart CCTV is bringing huge benefits to people across the Keybury region – from maisonettes mansions. To find out how affordable [CONTACT US].

Home ..... On Your Phone!

With a CCTV app you can see your home from your phone, get alerts when people are on your driveway, take snapshots to your camera roll and even play back recordings. See if a parcel has been delivered, see if the teenagers are home from school, see if the builders are actually working .. and what’s more do it from anywhere in the world.

There's more!

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