There are many CCTV apps for Android but can they all do this?

CCTV Apps for Android

  • View live images on your phone
  • See all around your home from anywhere in the world
  • Get notified when movement has been detected
  • View recorded images
  • Zoom in and change the camera view from your app
View Live CCTV Images

The Keybury Android CCTV app streams live images from your home at the click of a button. High quality live-streaming from cameras at your home right to your phone. How would you like to be able to check your home whenever you want from your phone or tablet?

View from anywhere in the world

Whether around the corner or around the globe you can see your home instantly via our CCTV app for Android. It’s so easy to move from camera to camera and check all around your home even from the other side of the world. Would you like to have that piece-of-mind when you’re away?

Get movement alerts to your phone

Your CCTV system can be set up to send snapshots to your app when a camera sees someone moving on your property. You can even sync your burglar alarm to your Android app too? How would you like a system that can send alerts when your alarm goes off and then instantly shows you images from around your home?

View recordings via the app

Some apps just give you live streaming but ours lets you view recordings. If you just missed what happened don’t worry just look back at the recording from minutes to months. How valuable could it be to check if the delivery man came and at what time?

Move and Zoom Cameras

Many CCTV apps can’t move and zoom cameras but guess what? … Ours can. If your home CCTV system has dome cameras then the Keybury app can move them and zoom in and out. How good would it be to have all those features right from your Android phone?

home cctv recap

  • See live images
  • View from anywhere in the world
  • Get automatic alerts when people move on your property
  • View recordings
  • Move and zoom cameras from your phone

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