CCTV cameras are no longer limited to use by commercial businesses. As the technology is becoming more affordable, domestic CCTV is on the rise. Police are also keen to encourage the use of CCTV by homeowners as this could help the police to solve crimes.

However, for your CCTV footage to be beneficial to you, It is worth making sure your camera is of high enough quality to provide you with clear images during the day and night.

As well as the obvious benefit of your peace of mind, CCTV can deter potential criminals and could reduce insurance premiums. The presence of a CCTV camera appears to have the biggest deterrent effect on pre-planned crime and may stop your house being specifically targeted.

Home CCTV systems are increasingly becoming more popular as a cost effective way of protecting homes and outdoor areas such as driveways and gardens from intrusion and crime.

With advances in technology, the quality and features on our domestic CCTV prove to be great value.
A single camera system will allow you to record everyone coming to your house. By connecting to broadband internet, these camera images can also be viewed by you from anywhere in the world.

The latest feature to be introduced is perfect for these dark winter evenings. Smart IR enables your cameras to identify faces in the dark and adjust their infra-red light settings accordingly, making sure the image is clear and not over exposed. See an example in the image below.


The night vision element of our CCTV means you can get high quality images in the dark without the need for outdoor lighting. The camera does not emit a bright light to the area either, keeping them more discreet.

Although home CCTV cameras are good for capturing crimes on your property, it is important to be aware of what your cameras are capturing and to ensure they are not encroaching on the privacy of your neighbours. Our designers will take these matters into account when positioning the cameras. There are also privacy masking settings which can be enabled to give your neighbours assurance.

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