If you’re looking for CCTV installation Keighley based Keybury provide the full package. Crime levels in Keighley have risen from 750 in December 2018 to 958 crimes committed in April 2019 according to police figures. Many residents have had installed CCTV systems in a bid to reduce their risk of being a target.

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Have you seen CCTV in Keighley’s Headlines?

Damage caused by thoughtless criminals is now something we read about every day in newspapers and on social media posts. Reading the details of these crimes and seeing the CCTV images can be worrying, especially when they are happening in your area. Are you concerned about the security of your own home or business? Keybury is a family run local business so we understand how important it is to secure your home and your business. Keybury have been designing and installing security systems since 1982. Our friendly and professional team live locally in and around and as a local business we support other local businesses as much as possible. Houses, pubs, garages, hairdressers, shops, mills, apartments and doctors surgeries are amongst the places we’ve installed CCTV systems in Keighley. Did you now that homes with no security in place are FIVE TIMES more likely to be broken into than those with simple security measures? CCTV is one of these really effective security measures.

Who installs great quality CCTV in Keighley at a great price?

High quality CCTV is more affordable than ever as technology develops. Many people are tempted by cheap-as-chips options but are disappointed with grainy or blurry pictures which are not good enough to help in identifying individuals or resolving crimes. Good quality CCTV systems are not as expensive as you might think. Our CCTV installation offers great value for money as this recent review on Facebook explains; “Kebury from start to finish were amazing! Great price, customer service would highly recommend to anyone.”  

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Do any Keighley CCTV installers offer the app?

What’s better than viewing your CCTV on your app? Getting a notification about your CCTV on your app! CCTV evidence is used to raise awareness of these incidents and to provide evidence to hold those responsible to account. A Keybury CCTV system doesn’t just record crime; it prevents crime too. Just having CCTV on your building can be enough to deter some criminals. Keybury install proactive CCTV systems which send notifications when a perimeter is crossed. This alerts the owner to the potential intruder before they have chance to commit a crime.  

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Can I get local technical support for my CCTV?

Choosing a local Keighley based company for your CCTV installation means that you know we’ll be on hand for any technical support with our 24 hour call out cover. Keybury customers can be confident that your system will meet the required standards and that your cameras won’t break the law. Complying with GDPR is part and parcel of the Keybury package. For CCTV installation, Keighley based businesses can comply with insurance with our approved systems. There are lots of camera types and lots of buying options so it can be easy to get it wrong. We wrote a blog to help you avoid these 7 CCTV mistakes that everyone makes.  

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Is Keybury CCTV installation only for Keighley?

Keybury install CCTV systems in the town centre and the surrounding area. We support the fields of vision rural crime prevention project protecting more remote properties in the villages around Keighley. Keybury install CCTV and other security systems across the whole of the north of England.