Expert CCTV Installers Bradford and surrounding areas

If you’re looking to protect your home or business with CCTV, you’ve come the right place. Keybury are a local reliable CCTV Installer – Bradford based with over 40 years experience.

Our expert CCTV specialists design and install a range of CCTV systems in Bradford businesses and homes.

Home CCTV Installer Bradford

Home security is a priority for home owners everywhere, and Bradford is ranked 13 highest burglary crime rate out of 94 post code areas. According to statistical website plum plot, Burglary crime in Bradford is 139% of the national crime rate and increased by 13.6% comparing March 22 – February 23 with the previous 12 months. One of the best deterrents to criminals is CCTV. Criminals tend to avoid areas which are monitored and instead look for easier, less secure targets.

Home CCTV offers peace of mind to home owners as it can be viewed live, or played back later. You can configure notifications to alert you to activity within the range of your security camera.

CCTV for Bradford Businesses

Business owners often need a security system as a requirement of their insurance. CCTV is very popular tool for business owners. It can be used for health and safety as well as for security. Cameras can deter out burglars and shoplifters. They also offer protection against opportunists who might be looking to carry out other criminal activity such as arson or criminal damage. Once again the Bradford area scores unhappily. Almost eight thousand incidents of criminal damage and arson were reported in the period March 22 – February 23. This puts the level of crime at 158% of the national crime rate.

About Keybury

Keybury are security installation professionals with over 40 years industry experience. Our team are trained and experienced in designing, installing and maintaining CCTV systems. This means we’re well placed for provide emergency call out and technical support to customers. We hold NSI Gold industry approval for security systems including CCTV. Keybury can help if you are looking for a new CCTV system, repairs or grades to your existing CCTV system. Our industry approved cameras include PTZ, ANPR and monitored systems, We cover the whole of Yorkshire Lancashire and beyond from our Bradford base.

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