There are around 5 million CCTV systems in the UK according to a report by the BSIA. So it’s likely that wherever you are, there is CCTV nearby. If you ask Alexa or Google “CCTV near me” what will you find?

CCTV near me

CCTV near me

If you search online, you’re likely to find a wide range of results. Firstly there are lots of diy shops selling kits. You can order online or even pick up from high street stores. This type of kit is very basic, fiddly to fit and often unreliable. Our team frequently take calls from people who have gone for this option, and then found that they can’t get it to work, or it has very quickly broken down. To avoid this, choose a company who will supply AND install the cameras for you. This way you will just need to know how to operate it once it’s been installed. Any good company will give you this type of handover and answer your questions so that you feel confident in using the system.

cctv installers

CCTV installers near me

When you’re looking for a company to supply and install, choose a reputable company. Where possible go from recommendations and choose a company which has accreditation such as NSI Gold. You’ll need to check that any accreditation does apply to the installation of CCTV. Opting for a local reliable company means you can get after sales care. This is useful for regular maintenance as well as technical support such as help installing your CCTV app on a new phone.


Quality Images

Many installers use real images from security camera systems they have installed in order to demonstrate their excellent images. This is great for the company however it could compromise the security of their customers.  If you’d like to see the quality of the images provided by a CCTV company, book a free demonstration.