The big question...

Does CCTV Prevent Crime?

...Or does it just record crime?

A question with much debate.

A popular meme highlights this question.


cctv meme

Have you ever considered it? We have.

Does CCTV just record crime?

If your CCTV records a crime, this evidence can be downloaded and passed to the police. Any recording can be used to identify and prosecute lawbreakers. So if your CCTV records a crime, it’s not ‘just’ recording it. It’s preventing future crimes by helping to catch criminals.


Can CCTV be used to prevent crime?

Yes! Criminals avoid properties with more security such as home security cameras, intruder alarms and outdoor lighting.

Yes! CCTV with remote viewing and live notifications can prevent crime. Rather than ‘just watching’, these systems alert you whenever anyone crosses a predefined line. This can be adjusted to allow hedgehogs to visit your garden but to let you know as soon as any potential intruder walks up the garden path.

Yes! CCTV can be linked up to your intruder alarm. Sound the alarm, alert those nearby and scare away potential intruders before they can do any damage.

cc camera app on ios and android

So what's stopping you?

All the evidence suggests you should have CCTV! Book a FREE site survey for CCTV at your home or business.

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