The nights are about to get longer, Winter is closing in, on Sunday morning it’s time for the clocks to go back…

These days most electronics make the change automatically, and your analogue clock isn’t too difficult to wind back, but what about those more awkward clocks around your home?  When it comes to appliances such as ovens and microwaves it can be tempting to just leave them as they are rather than having to fiddle about or find the manual.  Is that how you feel about the time on your alarm panel?

Some of the newer panels we install have the daylight savings option, meaning they will automatically change according to when the clocks go forward or back, but for those older panels we have some resources which may help you learn how to change the time on your alarm panel.

Our Facebook page has a designated “Customer Help Page” section.  This can be found in the tabs at the top of our page, or as an app icon down the left hand side of our timeline.  In here you will find a range of easy to follow videos and some written instructional PDFs.  If you do not have access to Facebook you can also watch our videos directly on YouTube by searching for the Keybury channel. These resources will clearly explain how to change the time and date on your alarm control panel and save you any hassle.

The videos available are for the Castle Euro Range panel and the Texecom Premier Range panel.

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