Update the time on your security system


It’s that time of year, the clocks go back (Fall back, Spring Forward). It means an extra hour in bed… unless you have young kids and then it means you’ll be trying to coordinate an adjustment to the new time.

Why should you update the time on your alarm or CCTV?

Apart from convenience of checking the time on your way in/out, of course. If you have an alarm activation, the activity log can be checked but, for it to make sense, the times on your panel need to be correct.

If your CCTV records some suspicious activity or a crime, the times on the system need to be correct in order to support the police investigation.

Apart from this, when checking recent activity on your intruder alarm app, you’ll want to know you’re looking at the right time window.

Remote Check Wifi Camera KeyburyCamThese days, many tech items automatically update. Our newest panel will automatically update the time as it is linked to the app on your smart phone. For everyone else, we’re here to help.

As part of the annual system service, our engineers always check that your system is set to the right time. Don’t worry if your service isn’t due til January; you don’t have to wait.

We’ve been making “How to” videos for a while. If you head over to our youtube channel, you’ll find lots of interesting videos including how to change the time on your texecom panel and on your castle panel. Choose the one that looks like yours and follow the instructions by our Marketing Director Dave.


Customers with our maintenance cover can access technical support from our engineers 24 hours a day. If you’re struggling with the time change, or need any other support with your system, give us a call 01535 661197