Cheap home security cameras are the obvious choice for saving money, aren’t they? Well… no, they’re not. Cheap shoes fall apart quickly, a decent pair will last you for miles. It’s much better to look for good value home security cameras, rather than cheap CCTV.

Quality home security cameras don’t cost as much as you might think. Our CCTV systems start from £470 + VAT.

Good Value v Cheap

Investing in a decent CCTV system which will do a good, reliable job is very worthwhile. A good value CCTV system won’t mean paying over the odds, rather paying for peace of mind.

Cameras come in a whole variety of resolutions, so if you’re buying online or comparing quotes, make sure you look at megapixels. Ours start from 5 megapixels, to give even our basic systems high quality images. The image quality is key if you’re going to potentially record crime. 4K HD resolution cameras offer incredibly high quality crystal clear images. Check whether the cameras you’re getting offer night time viewing, otherwise you’ll be left in the dark.

This week, one of our customers shared an image of their CCTV following a theft from their premises. This received comments on the quality of the picture. Having good quality cameras makes footage usable in the event of an incident.

Privacy Masking

Your CCTV cameras should only view your own property, and an experienced processional installer will make sure you’re GDPR compliant with privacy masking. This stops you getting into some difficult situations. You can’t have cameras looking into your neighbours garden!

Can you expect excellent service from cheap home security cameras installers? Paying under the odds always flags up the old adage: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. You really do get what you pay for.

If you’d like to see the quality of image you can get from a Keybury CCTV system, book a free home survey. We don’t compromise our customer’s security by sharing photos of your camera views on social media. For a competitive home security camera quote get in touch!

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