Could a wireless alarm be right for you?

Your questions answered

How reliable are they?

Very reliable and secure.

Wireless alarm systems in 2019 is a more reliable choice than ever with security features including ‘supervision’ and ‘anti-jamming’.  False alarms are no longer a concern as this technology has become much more reliable. Hardy detectors are available for harsher environments such as garages and conservatories which further reduce the risk of false alarms.


Will it be messy?

Wireless = mess-less

Choosing a wireless alarm system is quicker and tidier option. Are you putting off having work done at home because you’re worried about the mess that workmen often cause? A wireless system could be the solution. These systems are quicker to install and as the name suggests don’t involve wiring. This means your floors and walls are left virtually untouched.


How can I be sure?

Trustworthy; trust the reviews

For the ultimate reassurance, choose a company with a proven track record. Our customer reviews have 3 main themes; great communication, professional workmanship and excellent levels of cleanliness. Comments such as “left the place tidier than when they came” are not unusual.


Are wireless alarms complicated?

Simple to use - and even smart!

Wireless alarm systems are easy to use, with keyfob setting. This type of system is also available with app control, turning your intruder alarm into a smart system. It’s even compatible with wifi cameras such as the KeyburyCam. Pet friendly wireless sensors are available which makes this type of system a great choice for pet owners.


Are they difficult to maintain?

Regular maintenance is best

Keep your wireless alarm system in good working order with regular servicing. Keybury offer a range of cover which includes annual or 6 monthly servicing and replacement batteries for your wireless devices.

How do I find out more?

Ask Keybury!

If you’d like to find out more about a wireless alarm in your property, call us now to arrange a free visit from one of our friendly, knowledgeable surveyor who can design the system that is right for you.

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