Statistics provided by UKCrimeStats show that each year around December and leading into January the total crime rates reach their peak.  Antisocial behaviour and burglaries appear to be at their highest during these months, so it a good time of year to ensure you home is secured with a home alarm system and even home CCTV cameras.

People should remain vigilant of any suspicious activity and try to keep any gifts out of view from windows to avoid advertising to opportunist burglars passing by.


In a news report a few years ago, the chief prosecutor of the north west of England said there was an increase in burglaries as criminals made off with easily available pickings under Christmas trees.

With parties and visits to friends and family, as well as increased valuables in people’s homes, they are also less likely to be home for larger portions of time.  Although on the whole burglary figures have decreased in recent years, Christmas is still a peak time and home security should remain a priority.

Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance said, “With many people out at Christmas drinks parties not returning home until late at night it can provide the perfect opportunity for thieves to slip into houses unnoticed and have their way with the rich pickings, likely to be made up of the latest gadgets and expensive accessories.  We’re advising customers to keep a light on, remember to secure all doors and windows property and avoid leaving gifts on show to avoid being a victim of theft this Christmas.”

Police in Surrey in recent years have also been encouraging homeowners to look at their property from a burglar’s point of view in a bid to stop the traditional rise in burglary offences over the Autumn and Winter months.  “Police forces nationally tend to see an increase in burglary offenses over the festive period with long dark nights and people buying expensive gifts to give their loved ones.”  

Top tips for keeping your home safe at Christmas

  • Don’t leave gifts on show
  • Leave a light on – make it appear like someone is home
  • Keep presents in cars out of view when out shopping
  • Lock your windows
  • Delivery management – don’t leave noticeable parcels outside the home
  • Dispose of labeled boxes which give away any new valuables inside the house
  • Make sure your burglar alarm is set and in working order

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