Ding Dong – Doorbell cameras are one of our most popular add ons, with so many customers opting to add a doorbell camera to their system. We install wired ring doorbell cameras to provide the reassurance of constant power. They offer a different type of coverage to CCTV with specific views of your entrance.

Doorbell cameras allow you to answer calls and receive deliveries. Like all video surveillance, they also deter criminals. Doorbell cameras are very often used by police looking for evidence. Many high profile missing person incidents have shared doorbell camera footage.

Ring doorbells are weatherproof – which is just as well at the moment isn’t it? They offer enhanced video compression, HD video and night vision. It has motion detection and it’s even compatible with Alexa.

There are a couple of things to consider with doorbell camera installation – one of which is your neighbours’ privacy. Another is whether the doorbell camera will provide you with the security coverage you require.

If you have a gated property, a video intercom system might be more appropriate. You can still get a ‘ding-dong’ alert when callers arrive but there’s more to them. The video intercom systems offer a wider range of functions including communication between areas of the house eg calling to the home office from inside the house. They also allow you to open gateways or doors via the intercom system.

Alternatively, for anyone looking to cover large areas of garden and driveway, a CCTV camera system is worth considering. CCTV systems can offer notifications to movement and two way talk in the same way that doorbell cameras do, but they can cover larger areas and having a couple of cameras can completely cover your entire outdoor area.

For doorbell camera installation, head to our dedicated page or book a survey online to discuss the pros and cons of doorbell cameras, video intercom and CCTV systems.