Do you need a fire alarm system?

Fire Alarm Systems

Do you need one?

Is a fire alarm system needed? Many people think the answer to this question is complicated but it really isn’t. This two second flowchart tells you what you need to know.

Over 95% of businesses would reach the decision that they do need a system but surely the other 5% would want one even if they don’t need one. What business owner wouldn’t want to protect their livelihood and their staff?

Why pay more?

Surely it’s the one thing you shouldn’t want to get cheaply.
It’s very easy to reduce the price you just need to ignore the standards, put lives at risk and be prepared to be prosecuted. It’s amazing how many installers will tell you the urban myth that using metal clips for fire alarm cables is about keeping them from dangling in the way of firefighters … wrong! It’s a nice benefit but watch this video to find out the real reason.

Download the Fire Alarm System Flowchart

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Fire Alarm System Failings

Other Fire Alarm  System Shortcuts

To discover other ways installers cut the cost of a fire alarm system read our accompanying blog ‘Fire Alarm Failings’.

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