We have had a number of calls recently asking if our alarm systems can be set even if pets are left in the home. The answer – Pet Friendly Sensors!

Many people think that having a pet restricts you from having a functioning burglar alarm in your home. This is not the case and there are different options to ensure that you can enjoy having your pet in your home and the security of a home alarm system.

Some people think that having a dog is considered an alternative to a house alarm – this is highly discouraged. Not only for your home’s security, but for your pet’s safety. Insurance companies are also less inclined to be satisfied with your home security. In fact, having a guard dog as your primary security could actually increase your home insurance costs as it is introducing a liability risk that would not exist with a burglar alarm.

Call us today to enquire about fitting pet immune sensors within the areas of your house that your pets roam. This will allow you to set your alarm properly when you are out or asleep, and your pets will not set it off. These pet friendly alarms sensors are programmed not to react to movement or heat which comes from something of the size of your animal. However, if a human were to walk through the room it would activate.

Now you can keep your home and pets safe without worrying about false activations!

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