Doorbell cameras have replaced traditional doorbells on a lot of homes in recent years and it’s easy to see why; they’re useful, practical and provide security. We have asked the experts and home owners their tips to help anyone looking to get a doorbell camera at home.

Why get a doorbell camera?

Doorbell cameras allow you to answer the door from anywhere in the world. You can receive your packages via your phone and check that your teenagers got home safely from school. They offer peace of mind as they deter criminals and capture footage of any wrong doing.

There are lots of doorbell cameras on the market, including DIY doorbells and systems which require professional installation. There are also wired and wireless options as well as differences in the security of the connection and storage. To help you navigate the market, we’ve spoken with the experts as well as home owners who have shared their experiences with us.

The home owner’s view on Doorbell Cameras

The wireless doorbell cameras are cheaper and require self installation, though these news articles do act as a reminder to ensure that it is correctly installed. The alternative is a professionally installed wired camera, which will cost you more but comes with peace of mind that it’s correctly installed and it’s not going to need to be removed an recharged. We’ve asked the experts in our team for their view on doorbell cameras.

We wanted a doorbell so we ordered a well known brand which we fitted ourselves. I say we… my husband did it! It seemed the obvious choice. Unfortunately, we were constantly unplugging it to recharge it. This meant that we missed a couple of deliveries and we felt exposed when it wasn’t recording. My sister mentioned that she’d had a wired one fitted so we looked into it and decided to upgrade. I say upgrade because it feels like one! My grandson was quizzing me on why we had got a different doorbell; why did you change it? What’s the difference? Is it as good? It’s better. It’s much more reliable. I’d recommend a wired doorbell camera over a wireless one.

Mrs A, Bradford

The Experts Tips on Doorbell Cameras

We’ve been installing CCTV for decades, and doorbell cameras are the latest tool in this field. Our team have researched the products available on the market to bring our customers the best available product. Some homeowners have found their doorbell cameras are incompatible with their routers or that they require huge amounts of storage. We’ve done our homework to make sure that will be a problem with the cameras we install.

Whenever you’re looking into getting a doorbell camera, check the field of view and image quality to make sure your recordings are viewable in different conditions. We’ve had lots of customers with DIY doorbells upgrade to our wired doorbell cameras because they’re so reliable and secure; a wired doorbell won’t run out when you’re on holiday and professional installers will install to GDPR standards.

If you go for a local company to install your camera, you know you can pick up the phone if you need anything including aftersales support.

Jarlath – Keybury Home Security Surveyor

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