The cost of a break in is often counted financially, for example to recover stolen items and in terms of repairing any damage. There is another cost; the emotional cost. More than 1 in 3 people report feeling vulnerable after a break in. This can lead to a lack in confidence. 84% of victims report feeling emotionally affected after a burglary.

The shock of finding your home damaged and broken into can have long lasting effects. Even if nothing is stolen, knowing someone has invaded your home is frightening and upsetting. To have things stolen from your home can be incredibly distressing. Some items may be worthless to others but hold deep sentimental value. Others will be difficult or costly to replace.

65% of victims of burglary admit that not securing their home led to their burglary. A few simple steps like locking windows and setting the house alarm could make all the difference. Others may be tricked by cold callers and fraudsters attempting sneak in theft. An increasing number of people are falling victim to fraud, particularly vulnerable people. This type of crime has risen considerably in recent years – spurred on by the pandemic. Whether a break in happens due to not leaving your home secure enough or through being tricked by a fraudster it is important to remember that it isn’t your fault. Often, victims blame themselves, adding guilt to the many other emotions a break in triggers.

Suffering a break in can be frightening – especially for vulnerable people and for children who will need extra reassurance. Luckily there is support available for anyone struggling to cope with the emotional cost of a break in. Victim support offers free confidential support and advice for victims of crime. My support space is for people aged over 16 who have experienced crime and need help to cope and move forwards.

Protect Your Home

There are steps you can take to protect your home – even after a break in. SImple things like locking your door whenever you got out but also when you’re at home can help to avoid sneak in theft. Securing windows and avoiding leaving valuable items on display removes temptation for opportunist thieves who might otherwise “grab-and-go”. Always set your house alarm whenever you go out and at bed time too. Ask us for help with this. It’s our family business to protect your family and your business.

We have had our old alarm replaced by a Keybury system and now feel so much more secure.

Mrs I – Keybury Customer