The summer months see many travelling far and wide to attend music festivals. These events are becoming increasingly popular which in turn has seen the crime rate increase dramatically – with festival goers having their possessions stolen, from mobile phones to items of clothing.

How can you stay safe and protect yourself at festivals?

 Here at Keybury, security is our expertise. We have put together some tips to keep you and your belongings safe this festival season

  1. Only take the essentials – unnecessary belongings means unnecessary stress. Leave your valuable items at home where they can be secure.
  2. Leave your home secure – When you’re setting off there’s enough to remember; tent, wellies, sleeping bag etc. Don’t forget to ensure you’ve locked up at home and set your alarm. Leaving your homes secure means there’s one less thing to worry about when you’re at the festival.
  3. Use the onsite lockers, a small fee to use these can reduce a big heart ache should you fall victim to thieves. These can usually be booked in advance – Stay ahead of the game.
  4. Try to pitch your tent on a busy ‘traffic’ route. Pitching your tent near a car park or toilet block will mean there are more people around throughout the day and night. Not to mention that they are better lit which should be deterrent in itself.
  5. Camp next to friends. There will be more people on the lookout for strangers and extra people to keep an eye on your tent and belongings when you are not around.
  6. Hide your valuables in the tent – do not have them on show.
  7. If you see any suspicious behaviour make sure you report it immediately. DO NOT approach the person yourself. Even after 5 Tequilas, the chances are you are still not as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger or have the persuasive skills of Oprah Winfrey.
  8. Use your phone –having your phone allows family & friends to use contact you if needed and your home control+ app will alert you if there are any security issues at home. Save key contact numbers in your phone in case of emergencies (ICE). Find facilities to keep your mobile charged. You never know when you may need to make an emergency call.
  9. Stick to well-lit areas – particularly at night.
  10. Carry a personal alarm – This will alert others should you find yourself in a challenging position.
  11. Take note of your bank’s telephone number – If your cards get stolen, you can cancel them straight away.
  12. Take note of emergency procedures at your festival – have agreed meeting points with friends and note emergency assembly points.

Keeping your wits about you, looking out for your friends and fellow festival goers will ensure you all have a fun and safe experience.

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