Fever screening solutions

Fever screening solutions keep your business working safely. 2020 has brought out the best in innovators across all technologies. There are now solutions to problems which didn’t exist 12 months ago. Mask detection cameras offer an automated “Please wear a face covering” reminder to anyone entering a building without a mask. Queue management systems invite your customers in or ask them to wait if capacity has been reached. This sort of access control technology is useful even to high street stores as we all adapt to social distancing requirements. Fever screening solutions measure temperature with impressive accuracy and no contact.

Businesses across the country are making preparations to reopen as we come to the end of lockdown 2.0. Are considering how to open safely and manage the new restrictions over the (hopefully busy) festive period? Fever screening solutions can incorporate CCTV with face recognition together with access control. The wrist temperature reader is non contact and has a measurement accuracy of 0.3 degrees.

Choose from a face and wrist scanner, or a wrist only scanner. The face and wrist scanner has a face capacity of 10,000 faces and 99% accuracy. The cost effective wrist only temperature reader ensures all visitors are scanned.

Temperature terminals will flag up abnormalities, allowing you to reduce the risk to those on site. Immediately identify anyone with a raised temperature.

These effective systems are much less intrusive and more accurate than the hand held temperature readers which are often pointed at your head as you arrive at a restaurant, salon or hotel or even upon entering a shop. They’re a practical solution for offices, warehouses and hospitals as well as schools are care homes.

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