fire alarm system installationFire Alarm System Installation

Keybury regularly complete fire alarm system installation projects throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire. From systems in single unit shops and small offices to larger installations in schools and factories, we have installed thousands of panels, detectors and call points over the years. Our engineers have laid and clipped thousands of miles worth of cable. With this in mind, we began to wonder how much we might use in one installation. We crunched the numbers to compile this infographic using calculations from one of our recent installations.

Fire Alarm Installation: Plastic v Metal

Did you know that wiring regulations require 3 metal clips or fixings per meter of fire proof cabling to comply with regulations? This means that our most recent project of 1,800 metres of cabling used 5,400 fixings. Plastic fixings would melt in a fire, so whilst this is a cheaper option it doesn’t comply with regulations and it wouldn’t be effective in a fire.

Out With The Old

Our teams also regularly take over existing systems and provide upgrades for older outdated fire alarm systems. Fire alarms often need altering where building work takes place, or the use of the building changes. This could be when a new owner takes over the unit and has different requirements. Our surveyors are specifically trained on fire alarm design. We’re proud of our team of skilled engineers who can be relied on to provide a high quality installation. We also have commissioning engineers specifically trained for this purpose. Did you know that the person who commissions  your fire alarm cannot be the same person that installed it? Keybury are proud to be NSI Gold and BAFE approved. Our approvals are for the design, installation, commissioning and servicing of fire alarm systems. We work hard to ensure our work is carried out to the highest standard and complies with industry regulations. Call our helpful team on 01535 661197 to arrange your free fire alarm survey today or email and we’ll be in touch with you soon.