Fire Alarms: Keighley business owner looking to comply with fire safety legislation? You might have a lot of questions, or not know where to start. That’s where we can help!

Our FIA trained designers and installers have been supporting businesses in the Keighley area with fire alarm installation for decades. Like you, we are a Keighley based independent business. Our team consists of highly skilled and carefully trained staff and we work to NSI GOLD and BAFE standards. We are expertly placed to help Keighley business owners get compliant with approved fire alarm design installation commissioning & maintenance.

Did you know that fire alarms are a legal requirement in most businesses? It’s not surprising. They protect life and they protect property. The huge and devastating fire at the iconic Dalton Mill in March 2022 was reported by WYFA as the biggest in West Yorkshire that year. The mill was home to several Keighley businesses who were all affected by the damage on the day and the aftermath. Our team watched the blaze unfold from our own base at the other end of Dalton Lane. The Dalton mill fire was a stark reminder of the importance of Fire Alarms Keighley business owners might have needed.

Is it a legal requirement to have a fire alarm in my Keighley business?

Lots of business owners wonder whether they even need a fire alarm? Do you know if you need one? The first step is to establish who is the responsible person at the business. This is usually the business owner. They must then carry out a fire risk assessment. Almost every business would reach the decision that they do indeed need a fire alarm. If you don’t think that your Keighley business needs a fire alarm, surely you will want one in order to protect your staff, customers and your premises, equipment and stock. A monitored fire alarm would raise the alarm if a fire were to start in your empty property. The risk of arson is a serious consideration for business owners.

How would you raise the alarm with out a fire alarm?

One thing to consider is whether you can shout ‘FIRE!’ and be heard everywhere in the building – even above ambient noise levels within the building. If you’re a salon owner in Keighley, would the shout be heard over the blow dryers and the tumble dryer? Would anyone working on site with power tools hear the alarm? Would you be able to shout loud enough?

A fire alarm can be heard above all these noises. Fire alarm sounders actually have their volume measured and must be loud enough to alert everyone in the building. A fire alarm is the best way to ensure that everyone in your business would be alerted to a fire. You should also consider anyone working at or visiting your business who may have hearing loss. According to RNID one in five people have hearing loss. This is more than ten thousand people in Keighley alone. Fire alarm systems with visual and audible devices are the best way to alert anyone with hearing loss to the possibility of fire in the building.

How much does it cost to install fire alarm system in Keighley?

The cost of installing a fire alarm varies greatly depending on the type of system your business requires. You can read more about the grades and types of fire alarm system here.

If you own a business and are looking for fire alarm installation in Keighley you’re in the right place (both geographically and on this page!) Keybury help business owners looking for professional fire alarm installation in Keighley. You can start the ball rolling by contacting us for a free fire alarm quote on 01535 661197. Alternatively email or book an appointment online.