When it comes to safety in the workplace, Health & Safety often springs to mind first but what about Fire Safety?

Fire Safety requires important attention and could have costly ramifications if regulations are not met.

The responsibility of Fire Safety falls to the “Responsible Person”, which would be the managing director /  owner.

Commercial properties are required to have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out and updated regularly, especially if any significant changes are made to the premises.  This assessment will outline the other fire safety requirements including fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, an exit plan and any other specific requirements to the workplace.

Fire alarm testing should be carried out weekly and recorded, with professional services carried out regularly.  Fire extinguishers should also be checked for damage and expiry dates, with annual servicing carried out by a competent person.  Emergency lighting also requires professional servicing.

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is also a requirement for the workplace.  These could be permanent or temporary depending on the company personnel, for example, staff using wheelchairs, or those in mid – late term pregnancy.  Assessing the ability to evacuate the premises and any potential risks which may arise is a essential, with human life being the main priority in all safety plans.

For more information on fire safety requirements for your business, contact us today or book a Fire Risk Assessment.

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